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How do marketing technology, analytics, performance marketing and data architecture affect today’s business?

As a data and insights company our leading marketing and technology experts dive into the topics that are trending across industries.

We speak the language of business and technology to create customer-centric organizations.

Data Lake vs. Customer Data Platform

The elusive customer 360-degree view has vexed business leaders since the dawn of customer data. In recent years, digital transformation solved this challenge; however there are multiple ways to achieve this customer nirvana. Discover the right path for your business.
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Coloring Inside the Lines: Strategies To Start Attributing Revenue to Spend

Your marketing team has a data problem. Siloed systems, cross-channel journeys, poor tracking and unreliable data lead to spending decisions made by intuition rather than insight. To solve this problem you don’t have to think outside of the box, you just need to color inside the lines.
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Utilizing Machine Learning to Get the Best out of 2020

We expect billion-dollar companies to compete using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Machine learning is not only the future — it is our present.
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Create World-Class Customer Experiences Using Testing and Personalization

The one-size fits all approach to web design and content is over. Consumers have different needs and expect experiences that solve their problems. By utilizing personalization marketers can boost conversion rates using relevant customer data points to optimize customer experiences. Testing can be used to determine what content, design and user flow attributes best achieve business results across your customer base. By employing both effectively companies can differentiate themselves for their competitors.
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Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies to Win Business

Attracting customers to your brand is only half the battle. Building conversion optimization rate strategies to capture consumers when they are interacting with your brand is a surefire way to boost revenue and profitability. Companies that optimize messaging, design and user journeys to boost conversion rates will see exponential results, even with only a small uptick in conversions.
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