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z|Discover Breakfast Learning Series: Marketing Technology

The world of marketing — and marketing technology in particular — is ever-changing. What’s true one day may not be the next. Your time and energy are focused on the day-to-day projects at hand. Even if many of those rely on martech, it can be challenging to stay informed among your other tasks. Let us make it easier for you.

Zirobi is pleased to present z|Discover, our breakfast series aimed 100% at educating you on marketing trends, technology solutions and best practices to grow revenue and optimize costs. This deal really couldn’t get any sweeter: free education and discussion tailored to your interests and free breakfast — right in the comfort of your own office. Just reach out to us with the topic you need to learn about most.

Innovative Intelligence
How Technology & Automation Create Better Customer Experiences

Numerous forces — increased distribution channels, new technologies, greater customer expectations and rising advertising costs — are dictating change within your marketing organization. We cut through the noise to show how technology and automation can create better experiences for your customers and set your organization on the path to growth. We detail how to leverage the right tools and processes to position your company as a brand of choice in your industry.

Building a World-Class Demand Generation Machine
How To Develop Your Revenue Engine

Marketing success today is tied to revenue growth led by a greater focus on the customer experience. This means marketing leaders must harness customer data for new insights and invest in the technologies and strategies that address customer needs in real time to stay ahead of their competition. We prescribe the systems, processes and tactics to harness the value of your customers to delight them and keep them coming back.

Bridging the Sales and Marketing Divide
Alignment Strategies To Supercharge Growth

Misalignment between sales and marketing is a very real problem resulting in reduced revenue, poor customer experiences and higher marketing costs. This learning session helps bridge the divide between marketing and sales. We recommend strategies to align sales and marketing and, more importantly, supercharge the growth of your organization.

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