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How to deliver a legendary customer experience

Harnessing customer data is a legendary achievement. And thanks to Zirobi, totally achievable. Simply fill out the form below to access our webinar, hosted by Data and AI experts AnnMarie Fereday and Madison Lang, and discover how to bring your marketing unicorn to life.

Webinar Zirobi

Webinar Presenters

Webinar Presenters

AnnMarie Fereday


A full-funnel, fun-loving marketer, AnnMarie uses data findings to craft marketing strategies for every stage of the customer journey. She’s seasoned in customer segmentation, digital media buying, lead generation and content strategy development, using her knowledge to help ensure a fantastic customer experience for all.

Madison Lang


The data whisperer, Madison excels at explaining how and why an analytics platform can transform every business, big and small. She collaborates with clients to absorb, understand and define their strategy and goals then delivers custom analytics and visualizations from an aggregate of data sources and formats.

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