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How to deliver a legendary customer experience.

Harnessing customer data is a legendary achievement. And thanks to Zirobi, totally achievable. Many marketing leaders report a knowledge gap between the skills of their unit and what is needed to reach their goals. We provide on-demand and live sessions led by our experts to bridge this gap and set your organization up for marketing success.

Survive and Thrive in Uncertain Times

10 Strategies to Drive Marketing-Generated Revenue in All Conditions

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting economic slowdown has impacted the way we live, work and play. It has scrambled everything from consumer demand to how technology supports revenue generation and how we communicate with our customers. In this presentation we propose a three-pronged strategy that your team can utilize to set your organization up to survive today and thrive tomorrow.

Building a World-Class Demand Generation Machine
How to Develop Your Revenue Engine

Marketing success today is tied to revenue growth led by a greater focus on the customer experience. This means marketing leaders must harness customer data for new insights and invest in the technologies and strategies that address customer needs in real time to stay ahead of their competition. We prescribe the systems, processes and tactics to harness the value of your customers to delight them and keep them coming back.

How to Build a Unified View of Your Customer
Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Few things help you relate to your customers better than a unified customer view. A recent study found that digital transformation risk is the No. 1 concern of CEOs and senior executives at large firms. Those firms that are able to connect data to insights have a clear advantage over the competition.

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